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The Djangoliers


A recording of my transcription of Indifference as played by Stochelo Rosenberg.

La Gitane

Here’s a recording on me playing my own transcription of Paul ‘Tchan Tchou’ Vidal’s waltz ‘La Gitane’. The waltzes contain so much of the language, inflection, harmony and technique found in Gypsy Jazz guitar and are fantastic pieces to study, listen to and play.

Writtle Jazz Festival 2018

Writtle Jazz Festival
Delighted to be playing at the Writtle Jazz Festival again this year. Opening up for the incredible Fellowship featuring guitar maestro Guthrie Govan.

My Funny Valentine

Here’s a video of my Quartet arrangement of My Funny Valentine. Audio recorded by Paul Higgs and video by Nadir Khan

Colchester Jazz Jam

The Colchester Jazz Jam takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month in the Music Room of The Bull, Crouch Street, Colchester. I am a regular contributor to the evening, often in the house band.

The band usually start with an opening set followed by a jam session where all contributors are welcome.

Past Gig: Supporting Martin Taylor

In 2010, I was lucky enough to support Martin Taylor at Colchester Institute. After the set he was incredibly pleasant and encouraging to both myself and to my duo partner, vocalist Emma Stewart-Smith. In fact it was him who suggested we pose for the photo! He then went on and performed phenomenally well. A true master of his art and a real inspiration.

The Watson-Hurley Jazz Guitar Duo

The Andy Watson/Simon Hurley Jazz Guitar Duo was formed in 2010 with a view to exploring a carefully selected repertoire of song and jazz standards. The duo is strongly influenced by the Jim Hall/Pat Metheny, Louis Stewart/Martin Taylor and Jimmy Raney/ Doug Raney partnerships – which have been an inspiration to both players for many years.

Past Show: Swing to Bop

The artwork and publicity shot for a sold-out 2010 show at the Headgate Theatre, Colchester. I was lucky enough to share the stage with Roger Odell and Bern Hodgkins of the Jazznights Trio.

Photos courtesy of Ant Jones Photography